Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture

How (delivery methods)

  • Developing education designed for women’s learning style
  • Providing research-based farming education and resources
  • Encouraging involvement in state and local ag-leadership
  • Conducting W.Va. Ag operations and production research
  • Leading women-to-women discussion-based training
  • Fostering innovative business-farm partnerships
  • Advancing networking and innovation

Now (current projects)

Wow (results)

  • Supportive women-to-women networks built and sustained
  • Successful/innovative business-farm relationships formed
  • Agri-women grow confident in farm and business abilities
  • More women farmers’ voices heard and valued
  • W.Va.-specific projected cost and revenue for Ag products compiled and shared

Exciting and Uplifting!

West Virginia Women in Agriculture: Answers, support and encouragement.

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