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HeroChic (Excel)
“HeroChic” is an adaptation that compares soil test results, manure or litter test results, and current fertilizer prices against prices for litter purchase, hauling, and spreading. With HeroChic, the user can decide how far he or she can economically haul litter by comparing the price and chemical analysis with commercial fertilizer. The user must research the current prices and get analysis results for an accurate determination. Variations of this program include using nitrogen or phosphorus as the limiting plant nutrient application.

Beefbreak Template

Beefbreak (Excel)
“Beefbreak” is a beef breakeven spreadsheet that includes many feed variables. By using “days on feed” and “per head fed” calculations, the user may enter per ton costs of ingredients to determine his or her breakeven costs. This adaptation has the potential to be entered directly on a sample Schedule F with other enterprises in your operation.
Meat Goat Template - Meat Goat Budget
West Virginia Goat Budget - 2004

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West Virginia QuickView Templates

WVQuickView (Excel)
Knowing your cost of production per pound of lamb or calf is the first step toward really managing it. Enterprise analysis can take many forms and at first can be intimidating. WVQuickView is a useful beginners tool. Your cost per pound of lamb or calf for a particular year can be compared to that of a peer group or against other years. Once you arrive at a figure you have the opportunity to compare each management component of the operation to measure the variance.

Wool Pool Template

Wool Pool
This spreadsheet allows each wool producer to be listed on a separate page of the Quattro Pro notebook. Each county pool will use its own notebook. The invoice is customized by each county for individual deductions and assessments. The intended protocol includes entering data on site and then writing checks after the pool. The producer will be given a weight sheet and price information at the pool. The only error risk comes from entering an incorrect weight. The safeguard is the shepherd’s weight sheet and the master weight sheet recorded during the truck loading.

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