Forage Crop Establishment

Ed Rayburn, Extension Specialists WVU Extension Service, Agriculture and Natural Resources

In West Virginia the majority of our pastures and hay fields are permanent grassland that has been in place for many year. However, at times we need to establish a new seeding of grasses and legumes. This may be because the field was used to grow crops for a few years or after winter feeding on an area has damaged the old sod. Sometimes we may just need to add some more clover to a pasture for fixing nitrogen. The following fact sheet provide information on forage crop establishment.

Forage Crop Establishment Fact sheets:

Forage Species Adapted to the Northeast
Combining Forage Species in a Seeding Mixture
Forage Varieties for West Virginia
Pasture and Hay Seeding Rates
Pasture and Hay Seeding Mixtures
No-Till Seedings
Frost Seedings
Walk-in Seedings

Calibrating a no-till drill, video by Dr. Gary Bates Univ. Tennessee.