Pasture-Based Livestock Production

Ed Rayburn, Extension Specialist

Pasture-based livestock production is a low cost, sustainable means of converting sun-light to high quality products for human consumption. These plants which are not eatable to humans provide forage for animal consumption while they protect the soil from erosion. At the same time they capture and recycle nutrients that livestock return to the soil. Pasture is the center of making these systems profitable since a well managed pasture system minimizes the need for machinery, labor and fertilizer.

The following fact sheets and bulletins provide information on pasture-based livestock production.

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Managing and Marketing for Pasture-Based Livestock Production, NRAES-174
Forage Production for Pasture-Based Livestock Production, NRAES-172
Forage Utilization for Pasture-Based Livestock Production, NRAES-173
Animal Production Systems for Pasture-Based Livestock Production, NRAES-171

Roy Blaser’s out of print but not out of date publications of historical and practical value.

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Pasture Finished Beef

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