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The WVU Extension Service hay listing is an effort to provide West Virginia farmers with a venue for buying and selling hay. The Extension Service will not be involved in any transactions, does not guarantee payment for or delivery of products or services, nor do we endorse any particular sellers or buyers. WVU Extension Service will not facilitate communication between buyers and sellers; questions regarding a particular ad should be directed to the person listed in the ad, not WVU Extension Service. Before engaging in a sale or purchase, please be aware of the potential for fraud in online transactions. To the best of our knowledge, this list is accurate as of the day of posting. We will not be responsible for inaccuracies or depletion of supply. This list is not all-inclusive and is not intended as an endorsement of these sellers or dealers.

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Sources Within West Virginia
Date Posted Seller Phone   County
10/18/16 Aesculapial Acres
304-789-2125   Preston
Square (3×3) bales of mixed grass from first cutting, 8,800 lbs each. $40 per bale, more than 200 bales available. Also, more than 1,000 square bales of mixed grass from second cutting available. Never wet. Bales weigh 45-50 lbs., and cost $4 per bale. Transportation can be arranged.
10/17/16 Moore Farm 304-927-5034   Roane
Round bales of mixed grass. $35 per bale.
9/27/16 Shafer’s 304-288-9196   Monongalia
Round bales (4×5) of orchardgrass $20 per bale. 23 bales available.
9/8/16 R & R Farming
304-643-5491   Ritchie
Round bales of alfalfa and Timothy. $25 per bale. More than 100 bales available.
9/1/16 John Carline 304-216-7106   Monongalia
Round (4×5) bales of orchardgrass, 800 lbs each. $35 per bale. 80 bales available. Seller located 5 miles from Westover I-79 Exit.
8/31/16 Harvey Eye
540-949-6226   Pendleton
Round (4×5) bales of orchardgrass and Timothy, 900 lbs each. $35 per bale if buy under 50 bales—-$33 per bale if buy over 50 bales. Bales are tight, poly twine wrapped and barn-stored.
8/25/16 Darwin Shaffer 304-379-7364   Preston
Round bales of mixed grass, 1,300 lbs each. $35 per bale. Seller will help with loading. Buyer must haul.
8/2/16 Times Past
304-619-5887   Pocahontas
Square bales of alfalfa, $10 per bale. Approximately 450 bales available. Certified organic. Located in the Hillsboro area.
7/28/16 Oscar Wallace 304-372-4801   Jackson
Round (5×5) bales of orchardgrass, 1,500 lbs each. $40 per bale. 62 bales available. Loading available.
7/24/16 (Former) CL Keefer
304-812-4295   Mason
Round bales, $30 per bale.
7/24/16 Blaine Fike, Jr.
304-612-5362   Preston
Square bales primarily of orchardgrass, 40 lbs. each, $3.50 per bale. Approximately 1,300 bales available. First Cutting. Orchardgrass mixed with Timothy, limed and fertilized.
7/16/16 Cox Farm
304-336-7860   Ohio
Square bales primarily of orchardgrass, 40 lbs. each, $3.50 per bale. Approximately 8,000 bales available. Mixed grass bales stored inside.
7/8/16 (Former) Windy Slope Farm
304-893-1261   Mason
Round bales of clover, 800 lbs. each, $25-30 per bale. 25+ acres of mostly clover and mixed grasses. Interested parties must cut and bail hay as the landowner doesn’t have the equipment to do so. Owner reports land has been limed and fertilized. First come, first served. Interested party take 2/3rds and pays landowner for 1/3rd.
7/6/16 McClain Farm
304-452-8180   Lewis
Square bales of orchardgrass, clover and rye, $4 per bale, 45 to 55 lbs. each. Approximately 2,000 bales available. Barn kept, never wet.
7/5/16 Triple M Ranch
304-667-9651   Harrison
Round bales of clover, 800 lbs. each, $35 per bale. Approximately 100 bales available. 4×4 round bales, barn kept, never wet, clover/grass mix, tractor-trailer accessible location, delivery available for a fee.
6/24/16 Wes Slonaker 304-676-8131   Berkeley
Square bales of brome and Timothy, $5.00 per bale. Approximately 2,500 bales available. Round bales of mixed grass $45.00. All stored inside. Delivery available.

Regional Sellers
Date Posted Seller Phone   State

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