Acid Mine Land Reclamation

Acid Mine Drainage Chemical Treatment

The major chemicals (lime, quicklime, ammonia, caustic, and steel slag) as well as other additives such as flocculants and coagulants for treating acid mine drainage are presented. AMD sludge or flocs are described for the different chemical treatment systems. Dispensing systems are illustrated and costs for treatment are estimated.

Measuring flow

Measuring flow

  • Overview of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment with Chemicals

  • Special Chemicals for Treating AMD

  • Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Costs with Calcium Oxide and the Aquafix Machine

  • Aquafix Machine for AMD Treatment

  • Floc Generation by AMD Treatment

  • Floc Stability with AMD Treatment

  • Floc Volumes and Composition with AMD Treatment

  • Steel Slag in AMD Treatment

  • Using Ammonia to Treat Mine Water

    Land Reclamation and AMD subject areas: