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Lawn Mower Safety Guide


Know the safety features of your equipment when mowing the lawn. Avoid making common mistakes that could be harmful.

Follow these tips in our Lawn Mower Safety Guide...

Liming the Lawn

lawn_1 Nearly every homeowner desires an attractive lawn because this is one feature which most enhances the appearance of the average home grounds. Healthy, attractive lawns are not an accident but the result of a regularly and carefully executed maintenance program. This applies to the soil as well as to the turf grass itself. Learn more about using lime to help grow healthy and attractive lawns...

Tips To Help Avoid Lawn Problems

A beautiful lawn takes time, patience, proper care, and a never-ending watchful eye. The following Lawn Care Tips can reduce many lawn problems…

Don’t Bag It, Mulch It

lawnmower Mulcher Mower Research Project Summary takes a look at whether grass clippings should be bagged and removed or mulched and allowed to stay on the lawn. This summary gives a breakdown of what extension agents in Cabell, Monogalia, and Ohio counties found after 5 years of trails with mulcher mowers. Find out for yourself whether you should bag it or mulch it.

Establishing Turf Grass

grass The quality of a new lawn depends on the time, effort, and expense devoted to proper planning and site preparation. Find out how to get the best results when establishing turf grass.

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