Lawn and Garden

Football Field Turf Care Schedule

William Shockey
Preston County Extension Agent
WVU Extension Service


1. Reseed with Slit Seeder and irrigation; perennial ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass mixture.
2. Crabgrass control with AAclaim
3. Broadleaf control with Trimec or other 2.4 D deriviative (spot application if possible
4. Mow Weekly all year
5. Grub control with Merit (verify need by rolling sod along sideline)
6. Fertilize with 10-5-5 starting in April; apply 4 lb n/1000 sq. ft. in 5 equal applications (.8 lb n/1000 sq. ft.) apply every six weeks; last application to coincide with final mowing; 30% of N should be slow release
7. Water in mornings to 6 inch depth; 30 min. on, 2 hrs. off.