Oil & Natural Gas

Goals & Objectives

The WVU Extension Service Oil and Natural Gas Team will enhance programming to provide the expertise and knowledge that the citizens of West Virginia need to make informed decisions about the oil and natural gas industry.

Goals include:

  1. Create a network of Extension personnel and other professionals in WV that will become a statewide resource in assisting our citizens who have resource concerns and questions regarding gas production in WV.
  2. To provide non-biased, research based educational material and programming to the citizens of WV, which in turn will allow them to make better educated decisions regarding gas production in WV.

Objectives include:

  1. To develop a curriculum of educational programs and materials that will be delivered on a statewide basis to the citizens of WV.
  2. To provide the most up to date, science based information regarding gas production to the citizens of WV.
  3. To maintain a website and develop brochures, fact sheets, and other educational materials regarding gas production for the citizens of WV.