The following articles, publications, and presentations have been developed or collected by James Amrine Jr., Professor WVU Davis College of Agriculture, Forestry & Consumer Science, (304) 293-2960.

Biological Control Agents of Multiflora Rose, Rosa multiflora Thunbergh (WVU)

Multiflora Rose - Biological Control – (WVU) pdf format

Multiflora Rose in West Virginia - WVU Bulletin 447, Nov. 1960 , pdf format

Rose Rosette: A Fatal Disease of Multiflora Rose - (WVU) Circular 147 , pdf format

Multiflora Rose Control - (WVU) Bulletin 857 , pdf format

Transmission of the Rose Rosette Disease Agent to Rosa Multiflora byPhyllocoptes fructiphelus (Acari: Eriophyidae) – (WVU) Ent. News, Vol 99, #5, 1988, pdf format

Multiflora Rose, Rose Rosette Disease and Eriophyid Mites – (WVU) – pdf format

Multiflora Rose Distribution in North America Map – jpg format