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Agent to Farmer SARE Training Modules

The NESARE- Professional Development Grant Program funded a partnership project between West Virginia and Western Maryland Region to develop and deliver multiple educational training’s to County Extension Agents and Ag Service Providers.

An outcome of the training program ” Sustaining Family Farms and their Communities by Building New Capacity to enter and complete in Locally Accessible Higher-Value Markets” was the development and implementation of Agent to Farmer SARE Training Modules:

Each module is considered to be as one of a series of SARE Professional Development Training Modules. They are designed to be used by Extension Educators to offer educational workshops throughout the state for farmers interested in entering and competing in Higher Value Markets.

The Modules are available to County Extension Agents and Specialists and will require a WVU login and password. If you are a farmer, association or any other entity interested in one or more of these training’s for your county or region please contact your local County Extension Agent

County Agent Resources (Password Protected)

Backyard, Pasture Poultry

Ready for Market I & II

Farm 2 School

Livestock Grazing School

PowerPoint Presentations

SARE National Database

Search the SARE National Database to see if your topic of interest has been funded already.

Professional Development Opportunities

The SARE Fellows program (SARE, 2014, website)
If you are a member of NACAA and are interested in a professional improvement opportunity by learning about sustainable agriculture in other parts of the US then consider becoming a SARE Fellow. This program is an excellent opportunity for Agents to grow professionally along with other great benefits.
Applications due by March 15, 2014 (NACAA, 2014, website)

Grant Opportunities

NE SARE Partnership Grant (NE SARE, 2012, website)
Partnership Grants are reserved for agricultural service providers—extension faculty, nonprofits, consultants, state departments of agriculture, and others working in the agricultural community—who want to conduct on-farm demonstrations, research, marketing, and other projects with farmers as active cooperators. Application materials for the 2015 Partnership Grants will be released in the late summer; the deadline is November 4 for awards in the spring.

NE SARE Research & Education Grant (NE SARE, 2012, website)
Funding outcome-based projects offering research, education, and demonstration projects that benefit farmers and explore new sustainable farm practices are the focus of this grant program. Projects should be directed toward research results that will translate quickly into farmer benefit, and farmers, extension staff, and other stakeholders should be involved in planning project content. The deadline for 2014 preproposals has passed, and selected applicants have been invited to submit a full proposal. Feel free to review proposal materials, but do not use them to apply. Application materials for 2015 will be released in the summer 2014.

NE SARE Professional Development Grant (NE SARE, 2012, website)
This program funds outcome-based projects to train Cooperative Extension educators and other agricultural service providers in sustainable techniques and concepts. Projects must be directed toward increasing the skill and understanding of these service providers and consistent with SARE’s larger goal of broad farmer adoption of sustainable practices. The deadline for 2015 preproposals is midnight on June 19, 2014. Applications materials will be released in early April.

NE SARE Graduate Student Grant (NE SARE, 2012, website)
Applications for this funds must be graduate students who are researching topics in sustainable agriculture that will serve the interests of farmers and agricultural service providers—extension staff, NRCD personnel, and others in the agricultural community. Applications are due by midnight on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Awards will be announced at the end of July.

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