Farm & Food Safety

Key Resources

West Virginia Farmers’ Market Vendors’ Guide (WV Dept HHR, undated, PDF)
This guide provides consistent information for farmers, food vendors, and sanitarians who work together to provide fresh, safe, and quality food for the consumer. This document is to be used for guidance to determine what food items may be sold and the conditions that must be met at the point of sale.

WV Dept. of Agriculture Meat Poultry Division (WVDA, 2014, website)
Resource link from the WVDA, Meat and Poultry Inspection Division for meat and poultry processing facilities

Food Safety Begins on the Farm (Cornell GAP Program, 2000, PDF)
A useful grower self-assessment tool for evaluating the Food Safety Risks for your enterprise. This handbook also provides best management practices and recommendations for managing these risks, and a useful template for designing your own food safety action plan.

On-Farm Food Safety Project (, 2014, website)
The tool offers fruit and vegetable farmers, food safety professionals and agricultural extension specialists technical assistance to utilize and teach best practices in food safety. This link provides several these resources including a free online tool, based on a comprehensive risk based framework, which generates customized on-farm food safety plans based on user input. The tool is designed for use by small to mid-scale fruit and vegetable growers and provides a full set of record keeping tools to document their food safety program and to provide training to their employees.

Managing Liability (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2012, PDF)
This booklet presents an overview of the principles of legal liability related to personal injury or property damage resulting from farm activities. It focuses on products liability law, which is an area of liability that poses an increasing risk of high levels of liability. The booklet focuses on ways to minimize the risk of claims and provides proactive tools that provide the best means of liability protection.

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