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Extension Personnel Professional Development

On Farm Food Safety and Access to Larger Markets

This webinar looks at the issue of on-farm food safety and its importance to the success of small and mid-sized, sustainable producers. Hosted by National Good Food Network (2013)

It digs into two cutting edge issues:

1. How smaller farms can deal with increasing requirements for on-farm food safety certification

2. The Food and Drug Administration two proposed rules outlining new standards for produce safety and preventive controls for food processing and manufacturing. Learn about the new proposed rules and what it means for small farms, models for addressing food safety, and how to get involved in supporting sustainable food systems and safe food!

USDA Grant Writing Webinar

The first of a series of webinars about how to write a successful USDA grant, to increase the number of local food system applications and success rate of funding for West Virginia applicants. Hosted by USDA-NIFA, sponsored by NE-SARE/SARE in WV. power point presentation (2012)

How am I doing: Improving your Extension Program by Evaluating it with Feedback and Follow-up

Evaluation is not just a post program activity for reporting outcomes. Instead, methods such as advisory council focus groups, in-session evaluation conversations, and a variety of post session follow-up methods can be used to increase and enhance the educational value of your program. Hosted by North Carolina State University (2013)

New Extension Personnel

Effective Presentations: How to Develop and Deliver a Farmer-Friendly Talk

The intended audience is graduate students, new Extension personnel and others who work with, deliver information to, and assist farmers. Hosted by North Carolina State University (2013)

Out in the Sun: How to Plan and Put on an Engaging, Informative and Successful Field Day

Examples of engaging and hands-on field day activities, planning and how to choose topics hosted by North Carolina State University and eOrganic. (2013)

Sustainable Agriculture

Economics and Budgeting for Beef Business

Various webinars presented by Penn State Extension (Penn State Extension, 2014, website)

Farm to School

Finding, Buying and Serving Local Foods

A Series of 10 archived webinars hosted by the USDA Farm to School Program (2014)

Social Media

Social Media and Mobile Technology Webinars

A series of archived webinars on understanding how to use the social media and mobile technology to market your business and connect with consumers hosted by Penn State Extension. (2012-2013)

Local, Community Based Food System

The Wallace Center

A series of archived webinars offering various subjects on building a new food system in a community hosted by The Wallace Center: Winrock International (2013-2014)


Entrepreneurs and Their Communities

Archived recordings on subjects related to farm entrepreneurship (2007-2014)


Webinars by eOrganic

Learn the latest in organic farming practices and research by attending or watching an eOrganic Webinar. (2009-2014)

eOrganic Webinar and Broadcast Recordings by Topic

Find all archived eOrganic webinars and conference broadcast recordings on organic farming and research organized by topic on this page.