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Vegetable and Fruit Budgets

Enterprise Budgets (University of Vermont Extension, 2007, PDF)
While the availability of enterprise budgets is a good thing it is important to understand a bit about the information they provide, to be aware of their limitations, and to be able to evaluate their usefulness to a particular situation.

Crop Budgets (University of Kentucky, 2013, website)
A list of various crop budgets for vegetables, melons, berries, flower crops, grapes and more.

Sample budgets and spreadsheets (Cornell University, undated, website)
The information has been gathered from 8 different farmers. Each farmer kept records of their labor inputs and also shared, to the best of their abilities, the cost of machinery and material as well as construction costs for their high tunnel structures.

Livestock Budgets

2011 Virginia Farm Business Management Livestock Budgets
The budgets in this publication have been developed by the Virginia Cooperative Extension Farm Business Management staff (see table below)* for the major livestock enterprises in Virginia. These budgets show the projected costs and returns for the production of these enterprises in a given situation. (Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2011, website)

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement Example (39.2 KB)

    Cash Flow Statement example in PDF format.

  • Cash Flow Statement Template (16.8 KB)

    An interactive cash flow statement template for you to use to create your own cash flow statement.

  • How to Create a Cash Flow Statement (52.2 KB)

    A cash flow statement helps you determine the liquidity of your agribusiness operation; whether you will have sufficient cash available to pay your farming bills when they come due. The following table lists five steps for creating a cash flow statement.

Income Statement

  • How to Create an Income Statement (45.8 KB)

    An income statement helps you determine the profitability of your agribusiness operation; your costs and returns. The following table lists seven steps for creating an income statement.

  • Income Statement Example (194.5 KB)

    Income Statement example in PDF format.

  • Income Statement Template (13.3 KB)

    An interactive income statement template for you to use to create your own income statement. Excel template for an Income Statement.