4-H and Youth

Youth in Agriculture Materials

These materials are available through Jean Woloshuk,
WVU Extension Service, 4-H Youth Agriculture,
Jean.Woloshuk@mail.wvu.edu or
Call 304-293-2708

  1. Learning Laboratory Kits: (Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Poultry, Horse, Rabbit, Dog, Dairy
  2. Learning Lab Interactive CDs: Interactive CD containing all 12 Kit Modules on 1 CD. Contents of the Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Poultry, Horse, Lawn Care, Lawn & Garden Equipment, Rabbit, Plant ID, Dog, and Dairy.
  3. Agronomy Plant Set: This set contains 52 plant specimens mounted on 8” x 11” card stock and laminated. Includes barley, corn, oats, rye, wheat, alfalfa, crown vetch, Kentucky bluegrass, orchardgrass, red clover, ryegrass, smooth bromegrass, sweetclover, tall fescue, timothy, canola, soybeans, squash, strawberry, cucumber, potato, tomato, dandelion, field pennycress, shepherd’s purse, Canada thistle, field bindweed, johnsongrass, quackgrass, buckhorn grass, nightshade, cocklebur, common milkweed, common ragweed, crabgrass, curly dock, fall panicum, foxtail, giant ragweed, hemp dogbone, jimson weed, lambsquarters, morning glory, redroot pigweed, smartweed, velvet leaf, wild carrot, wild mustard, and yellow nutsedge.
  4. Practice Livestock Judging III: Item #: CEV00418: ISBN = 1570784183; Media-video; Length – 32 min. Description: This videotape includes a class each of the following: Crossbred market steers, Suffolk breeding ewe lambs, Blackface Crossbred market lambs, Yorkshire gilts and Crossbred market hogs. Each vide class shows five angles of the class – together, walking, rear, top, and front views. Placings, cuts, and oral reasons are provided.
  5. Oral Reasons in Livestock Judging Video: This clear and concise video outlines the steps to follow when taking notes and giving oral reasons. Demonstrates effective note-taking techniques and professionally delivered sets of oral reasons. Identifies body parts and the terminology used to communicate in the field of animal science. ” VHS, 12 min (1990). IL ITCS 456X Video.
  6. Livestock Judging: Item# CEV80472: ISBN: 1570783497; Media: DVD; Length: 270 min.; 7 sections, 37 printable resources and 11 web resources. Description: Experience the most comprehensive livestock judging presentation to date. This state-of-the art interactive production allows students to learn the principles of market and breeding animal evaluation. This DVD discusses marketing evaluation, breeding gilt evaluation, market steer evaluation,
    breeding heifer evaluation, market lamb evaluation, and breeding sheep evaluation. Students also will be instructed in oral reasons delivery and procedures as well as common mistakes and tips. With detailed examples and guided instruction from renowned experts across the nation, students walk away prepared to hold up the banner at their state contest.
    Collaborators: Scott Schaake, Ph.D., Kansas State University; Frank Craddock, Ph.D., Texas A&M University; Kim Brock, Oklahoma State University; Clay Elliot, Texas Tech University; Jerry Hawkins, Clarendon Junior College.
  7. Oral Reasons for Horse Judging: Item # CEV00101; ISBN: 157078101x; Media = Video; Length: 35 min. Description: Oral reasons must be given in two minutes or less so do not overlook this very important aspect of judging. The video provides an in-depth discussion of judging oral reasons as set forth by the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association: relevancy, accuracy (these two account for 75% of the score), terminology, presentation, and
    organization. Tips on what to include under each section are given. Nine sets of oral reasons for various horse classes are critiqued and scored by an expert who has coached several collegiate horse judging national championship teams. Recommended for training, FFA, 4-H, and collegiate horse judging teams.
  8. Horse Judging: Practice: Item # CEV00410; ISBN: 1570784108; Media – Video; Length – 41 mins. Description: Improve your horse judging skills with Horse Judging Practice. The presentation contains five classes: a halter class of 2 year old mares and a class of reining, hunter under saddle, Western riding and Western pleasure. The official class placings and cuts are provided by Dr. John Pipkin, director of the Equine Industry Program at West Texas
    A&M University. Written reasons for each class are included in the supplement accompanying the videotape.
  9. Go Plants!: Notebook from The Ohio State University Extension. This notebook is for use with groups up to 25 young people, grades 3-4. Lessons: seed secrets, getting to the root, sturdy stems, leaves to live by, and fantastic flowers.
  10. Growing A Nation: The Story of American Agriculture: CD from USDA Utah State Extension. This 5-part resource focuses on the development of the United States by chronicling the inventions and events that have shaped our county. Following the timeline of American history, these accounts include multimedia resources, classroom activities and statistics that help students analyze historical subjects and project trends for the future.